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Why can’t I sign up / log in to BioRender?
Why can’t I sign up / log in to BioRender?

What to do if you see an error message at signup or login, or are otherwise unable to sign up or access your account.

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Signup Issues

If you see a blank screen when trying to sign up, or see an error message that reads

“Something went wrong. Please contact [email protected]” after signing up, a VPN often solves the issue. If you’re located in Asia, this will often resolve signup issues for you.


To signup using a VPN:

  1. Turn on your VPN (or download one if you don’t currently use one),

  2. Refresh the signup page,

  3. Try again.

Log-in Issues

If you’ve previously been able to sign into BioRender, and later run into issues trying to log in, you can often resolve it using the following steps:

  1. Reset your password. See this article on how to reset your password

  2. Update your version of Google Chrome. If you’d like help updating Chrome, see this link.

  3. Sign in using Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode. If this works for you, try clearing your browser cache so that you can sign-in without having to use Incognito Mode. For more information on clearing your browser cache, see here.

If you’re still experiencing issues logging in:

  1. Check your Internet connection. Make sure you’re on a stable and secure Internet connection. If you’re on a public network, try switching to a more secure network or using a VPN.

  2. Check to see if your firewall is blocking BioRender. If you’re on an institutional network, this may be the case.

Still experiencing issues signing up or signing in? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll assist you.

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