Understanding your BioRender subscription Understanding your BioRender subscription

Understanding your BioRender subscription

Shane Williams Shane Williams

Why was I charged after my Free Trial ended?

To start a 14-day Free Trial, you must input credit card information and select a subscription type and billing cycle. Once the Free Trial ends, the selected subscription starts, and your credit card is charged. This ensures there is no lapse in Premium access when transferring from your Trial to a paid subscription.

Note: The 14-Day Free Trial is a one-time offer. If you previously had a Trial, you'll be charged immediately upon upgrading.

Why was I charged after canceling my subscription?

Setting a cancelation applies the cancelation to the end of your current billing cycle, allowing you to use Premium features until the cycle's completion.

Why was I charged after pausing my subscription?

Pauses are applied to monthly subscriptions one billing cycle at a time, up to three times within a subscription's lifetime. When paused, your account is downgraded to BioRender Basic and your subscription does not renew for the billing cycle. Once a pause ends, your monthly subscription automatically reactivates and renews with the new billing cycle.

Why did my subscription renew early?

BioRender, based in Toronto, Canada, follows the Eastern Time Zone for subscription dates and times. To avoid renewal charges, cancel your subscription at least one day before the renewal date.

What are my billing cycle options?

There are monthly, annual, and semester (4-month) billing cycle options, depending on the subscription selected. All subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle unless canceled or paused. Renewal reminders are automatically sent to your billing email address seven days before a new billing cycle.

Why was I charged when I have institutional access?

It’s wonderful that you have access to BioRender Premium through your lab, institution, team, or company! Please contact our Support team via chat for assistance with canceling your personal subscription.

Are taxes applied to my subscription?

If you reside in Canada or the United States, additional taxes may apply to your subscription based on your billing address and local regulations. If your purchasing institution is tax-exempt, please see this article to learn more about where to send your tax-exemption certificate.

Do foreign transaction fees and exchange rates apply to my transactions?

If you live outside Canada, your bank or credit card issuer may charge foreign transaction fees. Your banking institution would be able to discuss such fees in more detail if applicable.

All BioRender subscriptions are billed in US Dollars. For specific exchange rate details, please contact your bank.

Why was I charged for a subscription?

To help you manage your subscriptions effectively, it's important to keep track of your accounts and billing details. If you have multiple accounts, there is a possibility of incurring charges if each account has an active subscription. Please ensure you monitor your BioRender subscriptions to prevent any unexpected charges.

If you are purchasing on behalf of another user, please let us know, and we can update the billing account to include your email to receive billing notices.

For further assistance, please reach out to us through chat or email (support@biorender.com). We're here to help!