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Your Institution (work/college/university) Bought a Subscription
Your Institution (work/college/university) Bought a Subscription

My institution just bought a subscription, what do I do with my personal account?

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Have you been offered Premium access through your institution or have you already made the switch?......wonderful! This transition can come with some important changes, but it can also bring significant benefits. To ensure this is a smooth transition, we'll walk you through what happens when you make the move and what you can expect.

1. Premium Access

One of the most significant benefits of transitioning to an institutional BioRender account is gaining Premium access. You will be able to enjoy Premium features without the need for a personal subscription. Depending on the type of license your institution possesses you may have Premium features at no cost or at a discounted price.

2. Your Subscription

When you switch to an institutional account, any existing personal subscriptions can then be canceled. This means that if you had a personal subscription with BioRender, you will no longer be billed for it. To ensure this process has been completed, please reach out to our Support team to cancel your Premium subscription. We will provide a refund for the overlap in subscriptions.

3. Your Files

When you change from a personal to institutional license, you will be able to maintain your files as long as you are using the same email address for your BioRender account. If you need to update your email address to reflect your institution's credentials, please follow the steps in this article on how to update. Files are tied to a single email address on file. This means, your files will not be removed or deleted when you migrate to the new license. If you will be using a different email address we recommend you send copies of your files to your new email address for a smooth transfer.

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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