What to do if you can't find an icon What to do if you can't find an icon

What to do if you can't find an icon

Stefan Pintaric Stefan Pintaric

We offer a variety of options in the event you are unable to locate your desired icon.

  1. Browse our Icon Library: Start your search at https://biorender.com/library/ and explore our diverse collection of icons. You might discover the perfect fit for your project.

  2. Upload Your Images: Can't find the right icon in our library? No problem! You can easily upload images from other sources to use in your illustrations. Follow our step-by-step tutorial:

  3. Request Custom Icons: Have a specific icon in mind? Some of our Premium Plans offer you the option to request custom icons tailored to your requirements. View this article to determine if you are eligible to submit a custom icon request.

  4. Share Custom Icon Suggestions: We value your input! Even if you're not on a Premium Plan, you can submit Custom Icon Suggestions. Help us enhance our library for everyone by sharing your ideas using the directions in this article.

  5. Custom Crop or Ungroup Icons: If an icon is close to what you are seeking, consider custom cropping or ungrouping eligible icons to tailor them precisely to your needs. This approach allows you to refine an icon that closely aligns with your desired representation.