Technical recommendations when something is not working Technical recommendations when something is not working

Technical recommendations when something is not working

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Technical issues can be frustrating, especially when something isn't working as expected. To make sure your design process runs smoothly we suggest applying the next steps listed below. By following these steps, you can often fix technical issues quickly and efficiently, getting you back to your illustration without further disruption.

Internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable to prevent any saving problems while designing.

1. Switch to Google Chrome or update your current Google Chrome browser

BioRender is optimized for Google Chrome. If you are using a different browser, try switching to Chrome and checking if the issue still persists.

2. Update your version of Google Chrome

How to check your version of Chrome

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, look at More.

  3. Click Help > About Chrome.

If you’d like help updating Chrome, see this link.

3. Sign in using Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode

If using Chromes Incognito Mode works for you, try clearing your browser's cache so that you can use BioRender without having to use Incognito Mode.


Refer to this link for more details on how to clear your browser cache: Clear cache

4. Try a VPN

We are unable to recommend any specific VPNs as BioRender has no affiliations with them. If you would like to search for a suitable one yourself please see the below link.

5. Disable Browser Extensions

If you have installed any browser extensions try disabling them and see if the problem persists.

6. Contact BioRender Support

If these steps do not help resolve the issue please reach out to our support team on the messenger button below and we can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

  • Please remember to take note of any error messages or codes you encounter.

  • Screenshots are helpful (to open the Chrome console you can press command + option + j on Mac or ctrl + shift + j on Windows).

Our support team will be ready for you if you need further assistance.


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