As the administrator of your organization, you can easily manage large groups of members by including additional member properties such as department, title or budget allocation to your Admin Panel. You can sort or filter on any of these properties to quickly extract any information you might need such as how many users are part of a single department or cost center.

How to add additional user properties

  1. Select the member(s) who you would like to add additional properties to.Square Crop (2).png
  2. Then select “Actions” and in the drop down menu select “Edit account info”.
  1. Apply the Role, Title, Department or Budget Allocation to the selected users.

Multiple user example:

Single user example: 

  1. Edit the Department or Title fields by placing your cursor over the fields and selecting “Edit”.
  2. Save your changes.

  1. You will then see the updated fields applied on your user list.
  2. Any of the categories you have applied such as Role, Title, Department or Budget Allocation,                           will be found in your Filters. Filter your user list by any of the labels applied.

How to include additional user properties on invite

  1. Select “Invite Members”Square Crop (2).png
  2.  Select “Invite Members via email”

  1.  Add the Department, Title, or Budget allocation to the invited members.



How to include additional user properties on invite via CSV

  1. Select “Invite Members” Square Crop (2).png
  2.  Select “Invite Members via Import”

  1. Select the CSV file you would like to download

Example of CSV File:

Please note: Emails are required for CSV imports. Optional headers for CSV import are Department, Title, and Budget Allocation.

  1. Once your CSV file has been successfully imported, invited members and allocated fields will be applied to your member list.