BioRender is excited to introduce Shared Folders, our latest improvement to make collaborating on projects easier.

Shared Folders will help keep you and your collaborators organized, and is available to all Premium subscribers.

When sharing a folder for the first time, you can:

  • Add the email addresses of the collaborators you would like to have access to the folder
  • and/or choose to invite members of your current team as a group, so that you don't have to add everyone individually.

How to Share a Folder

  1. Click on the three dots beside the folder you wish to share, select "Share"
  2. Input the emails of the collaborators you wish to share with, or select your whole team
  3. Choose whether collaborators can edit, or only view the shared folder's contents.
  4. Click "Send invites" to share the folder

When you send invites, your collaborators will receive an email notifying them that you invited them to collaborate on the folder. If you make changes to your team membership, those will not generate additional invitations to new members.

After sending invitations to your team, you can view their status by opening the Share panel and clicking on Collaborators.

How to bring illustrations into a shared folder

Collaborators have access to the files contained within a given folder, as well as having the ability to add and edit files within that folder.

Dragging illustrations into the shared folder makes them available to your collaborators.

If you are currently a member of a BioRender team, you can still move files into the existing Team Gallery. These files can then be copied by the members of your team. Please note that we will be deprecating the Team Gallery in the near future, and converting it to a Shared folder.

Shared Folders as a Free User

If your collaborator is using the Free version of BioRender, they will have a slightly different experience, as shared folders are a premium feature.

While free users are able to edit files they added to a shared folder if they were previously a premium user, they cannot:

  • Add new files to the folder
  • Edit other's files in the folder
  • Move files out of the folder that were not created by the free user
  • Add collaborators to the folder
  • Change the name of the folder

Members on our Free plan can upgrade to access these functions, and all illustrations in shared folders will be locked until a subscription is purchased.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I know if a folder has been shared with me?

    Team members will see new folders shared with them under the "Shared with me" list. A red dot will appear next to new shared folders, alerting the recipient to their new access. You will also receive an email any time a folder is shared with you.
  • What happens when I delete an illustration in a shared folder?

    If you delete an illustration you own, it will no longer be editable by previously shared collaborators. Only the file owner and folder owner can delete illustrations from a folder.
  • How do I edit the content in a shared folder?

    You can move files you own out of a shared folder back into “Created by me”. This will remove access for any collaborators. You can also re-visit the sharing settings by clicking “Share”, where you will be able to invite additional collaborators and remove existing ones.

  • Can I delete or remove a shared folder?

    • As the owner of the shared folder, you can delete a shared folder by clicking on the three dots next to the folder and selecting "Delete", which will also delete its contents and remove any collaborators.

    • As a collaborator, you can remove the shared folder from your Gallery by clicking on the three dots next to the folder and selecting "Remove". You will no longer have access to this folder, but it will remain in collaborators galleries

  • How can I change the name of a shared folder?

    Click the three dots next to any shared folder you own and select “Edit” to rename a Shared Folder.

  • If I leave my team or transfer ownership, will I lose access to the shared folder?

    No, the shared folder is separate from your Team, once you create a shared folder you are the owner and cannot transfer or lose ownership of the folder