How do I add and modify text in my illustrations? How do I add and modify text in my illustrations?

How do I add and modify text in my illustrations?

Tawny Fontana Tawny Fontana

With BioRender's text options, you can quickly customize font style, size, weight, color, and symbols in your scientific illustrations. This lets you create eye-catching text that complements your design and effectively communicates your scientific concepts.

To add text:

  1. Click on the "Insert Text" drop-down located in the top menu.

  2. Select the type of text that you would like to insert, such as a heading, label, or body text.

  3. Click on the canvas where you want the text to be inserted.

  4. Type your desired text within the blue box that appears on the canvas.

To add symbols:

  1. Follow the steps above to add text.

  2. Once you add text, the Insert Symbol option will appear on the above menu.

  3. Click the symbol you'd like to insert.


Editing text:

To change your text's color:

  1. Click on the text - the side toolbar will appear

  2. Highlight the portion of text that you wish to edit.

  3. In the properties side panel, select the "Color" option.

  4. Choose any color you desire by using the color picker or selecting a color from the color panel.

Text can be modified using the options in the side toolbar.

Superscript or Subscript:

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to edit.

  2. In the left Edit panel, locate and click on either the "Superscript" or "Subscript" buttons, depending on the desired effect.

Note: To exit superscript or subscript, either click the respective button in the left Edit panel or deselect the modified text.