Ensuring precision in your work is essential, as spelling errors can be challenging to detect and may negatively impact the quality of your illustration or printed materials. Utilizing a spellcheck tool allows you to enhance the overall accuracy of your work, contributing to a polished and professional illustration.

How can I spellcheck my work?

  • BioRender will detect spelling errors and a red underline will appear under words that are detected as wrong
  • Right-click on a wrong word to see a list of suggestions, and click on a suggestion to automatically fix the word

My word is spelled correctly but is being detected as wrong

  • You can choose to add/remove words to a personal dictionary and they will never be detected as wrong again by selecting "Add to personal dictionary"
    • You can select "Open personal dictionary" from the Spellcheck drop-down in the toolbar or by right-clicking a flagged word to see which words have been added to your dictionary and edit as needed.

Don't want to use spellcheck?

You have the ability to disable/enable spellcheck as you wish by clicking on "Spellcheck" from the top toolbar and selecting "Disable Spellcheck" or "Enable Spellcheck."