Managing multiple workspaces Managing multiple workspaces

Managing multiple workspaces

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Multiple Workspaces is a feature designed to enhance your administrative control and organizational efficiency. This feature allows you to maintain control over licensees while keeping work and budgets separate under the BioRender Business Plan.
Roles & Terms Description
Workspaces A smaller organizational unit within a larger institution is managed under a central group. For instance, in a larger institution, there can be multiple workspaces, such as one for Research & Development and another for Translational Research.
Super Admin A Super Admin is a role with higher-level access rights, capable of overseeing multiple workspaces. Super Admins can alter roles and remove Workspace Admins. Their role is unique in that it can only be modified (added or removed) by Customer Success Managers, not by other admins or Super Admins.
Workspace Admin A Workspace Admin, or “Admin” manages a single workspace. This role is similar to the existing admin role, focusing on the administration and operation of a specific workspace.

Switching Workspaces

  1. Click “Switch workspace” in the top blue banner of your BioRender webpage50e437cc-4b33-4791-915d-e3505c4dacff
  2. - OR - Click your profile in the top right of the BioRender webpage
  3. Select “Switch workspace” and choose your desired workspace


Assigning Workspace Admins

If you are a Super Admin, you will be able to assign Workspace Admin on your license.

  1. In your account settings, click the "Account Overview & Users" tab
  2. Select the account from your member list
  3. Change the members role to either "Admin" or "Member" by using the Role drop-down menu