Elevate your team's scientific communication with cutting-edge features and collaborative tools. With our exclusive Premium group license, multiple team members can simultaneously edit illustrations, unlocking collective creativity for impactful visuals. Our Academic Lab Subscription is designed for scientists working within universities, research institutes, and NGO/government non-profits. This subscription offers a discounted rate for groups of 5 or more users compared to our Academic Individual subscriptions.

Note: An Academic Lab Plan can have a maximum of 1 Principal Investigator.

When you purchase an Academic Lab subscription, you are purchasing a subscription for your BioRender team, granting those members access to premium features. Premium features and permissions on this subscription are identical to the Academic Individual subscription.


Please review our Academic Licensing Terms found at:

https://www.biorender.com/academic-license for further information on permitted and prohibited uses under an Academic Plan.


Permissions to publish:

Our Academic Lab subscription includes a license to publish figures created with BioRender in*:

  • Journals
  • Personal websites (academic, not-for-profit)
  • Grant applications
  • Textbooks (less than 5 figures)

Premium Features:

✓ Store unlimited figures

✓ Access to complete version history
✓ Permission to publish in journals ✓ Color Gradients to illustrate changes in temperature, pH, and more!
✓ Figure download sizes: small, medium, large ✓ Live customer support
✓ Create beautiful 3D models of proteins using the protein data bank ✓ Create multiple canvases with slides
✓ Download with transparent background ✓ Ability to edit icon colors
✓ Download without watermark ✓ Team functionalities and billing
✓ Collaboration tools such as commenting and shared folders ✓ Upload your own images and icons
✓ Premium "bio-brushes" to paint cells, membranes, and more ✓ File storage and management
✓ Unlimited objects  

*For more information on full permissions for the Academic Lab plan subscription please see a detailed list here


The subscription is offered with both Annual and Monthly subscriptions for labs.

Annual: $1188USD/year Monthly: $129USD/month

The annual lab subscription comes with 5 seats:

Additional seats are $20USD/month when charged Annually, $25USD/month when charged Monthly.

Note: Seat is defined as a unique user with unique login credentials who has sole access to an account.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pay for a lab subscription via Purchase Order?

    Yes, we accept Purchase Orders! Get started by obtaining a quote, and once the PO is delivered, we'll activate your subscription. For more details, check out this article here on how to get started.

  • Where can I publish my illustrations on this subscription?

    Your BioRender figures can be published in journals, and textbooks, and used for educational purposes. This includes conference talks, lectures, academic websites, and lab websites. To learn more about publishing and citations, check out our support articles

  • How do I manage my Team?

    For more information on creating and managing your team check out this article: How do I create and manage my BioRender team?

  • How many times can members change within my team?

    You can change who is in your team at any point should you be an Admin of said team. As members come and go from within your team you can replace members as many times as you see fit. Please note that each individual seat may be re-assigned only once per billing year to reflect the intended use of this function.