How to purchase with a Purchase Order (PO) How to purchase with a Purchase Order (PO)

How to purchase with a Purchase Order (PO)

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  1. What is a PO?
  2. Who can make a payment via PO?
  3. What information is needed?
  4. I’ve sent my PO to What’s next?

What is a PO?

A purchase order, or PO, is an official document issued by a buyer committing to pay the seller (i.e. BioRender) for the sale of a product/service.

The advantage to the buyer is the ability to place an order without immediate payment. With a PO, we are able to activate your subscription while the payment is being processed. BioRender’s net payment term is thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice, therefore, if a PO is provided, you are able to access BioRender Premium, while your institution is processing the invoice.

Who can make a payment via PO?

You can pay via Purchase Order for the following annual subscriptions:

  • 1 or more Academic Individual subscriptions
  • 1 or more Academic Lab subscriptions
  • Any Industry license (individual or team)

Purchasing via PO requires manual processing by our team, and as a result, it is only possible to make such payments for annual subscriptions. Monthly and student subscriptions can only be paid by credit card. If you would like to purchase one of these subscriptions, kindly refer to our article on how to upgrade your account

Looking for a quote to start the purchasing process for an annual license? See the article on how to request a quote!

What information is needed?

Please ensure your purchase orders contain the following information:

  • A purchase order number and date of issue
  • The name and email of buyer, or purchasing department contact
  • The name(s) and BioRender email(s) of the end-users, or quote number
  • Our billing address and your institution's billing address
  • Correct pricing in USD
  • An official letterhead or signature
  • A net payment term (30 days max.)

Once the PO is ready, kindly send a copy to along with your tax exemption certificate, if applicable. Kindly note that insufficient information on the PO may delay the processing of your order.

Please note, the primary license holder has to have a BioRender account, or create one, before the Premium upgrade can take place.

I’ve sent my PO to What’s next?

As long as the PO has all the required information, we can process your order! If additional information is required, we’ll reach out to you.

Kindly allow a turnaround time of 24-48 hours for order processing. After the PO is processed, you’ll receive an activation email from our team with instructions on how to access your Premium license! At the same time, we’ll send the invoice for payment by your institution.

If you don't see an answer to your question, please contact our support team via the blue chat bubble at the bottom right of any BioRender page or by emailing us at

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