At BioRender, we understand the challenges faced by students in their academic journey. To support your educational endeavors, we have crafted the BioRender Undergraduate subscription—an exclusive offer that grants students access to BioRender Premium at a discounted price.

We've built this subscription for students working within:

  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • NGO/Government Non-Profits

By purchasing an Individual subscription, you are acquiring a personal account with login credentials exclusively accessible to you. When using BioRender, each person will have their own unique login details which grant them access to their account. Create a free account for yourself here if you haven't already!

When you purchase an Individual subscription, you are purchasing a subscription for a single account in which the login can be accessed by one person.

⚠️ For Undergraduate Plan Users

Please review our Basic licensing Terms found at: for further information on permitted and prohibited uses under an Undergraduate Plan.


With the Undergraduate subscription, you gain access to numerous BioRender Premium features that enable you to create visually captivating illustrations. Please note the Undergraduate subscription does not include publication licenses and custom icon requests.

The features included in the subscription are as follows:

✓ Store unlimited figures

✓ Access to complete version history

✓ Custom downloadable sizes, with exports in 72, 150, 300 and 600 DPI

✓ Premium "bio-brushes" to paint cells, membranes, and more

✓ Create beautiful 3D models of proteins using the Protein Data Bank

✓ Live customer support

✓ Download with transparent background and no watermark

✓ Upload your own images and icons

✓ File storage and management

✓ Color gradients to illustrate changes in temperature, pH, and more!

✓ Collaboration tools such as commenting and shared folders

✓ Unlimited objects

✓ Create multiple canvases with Slides

❌ Permission to publish in Journals

✓ Ability to edit icon colors

❌ Request custom icons



This subscription is offered on a 4-month term at $20.00USD for a 70% discount.

*Our undergrad subscription is already heavily discounted at >70% and intended for students paying out of pocket. If reimbursement via your department is required, the discount cannot be offered. All single-seat academic subscriptions must be paid via credit card


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase a subscription for one month?

The Undergraduate subscription is billed every 4 months for $20.00 USD. It does not come with a monthly billing cycle.

  • Can I cancel mid-cycle?

A cancelation requested mid-cycle is effective for the end of the billing cycle. If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please reach out to our support team.

  • Where can I publish my illustrations on this subscription?

You are unable to publish illustrations made on this subscription. Check out our other articles on publishing and citations!