Did you know BioRender lets you easily create tables for your scientific illustrations? Tables are a key tool for presenting complex data clearly. Explore our range of table icons and templates to effortlessly integrate tables into your scientific visuals.

How to create a table for your illustration

  1. Search for “Table" or "Blank Table” in our icon library or templates.
  2. Select one of the table Icons or templates.
  3. If you want to add or remove elements, Ungroup the table
  4. Adjust the color of your table, if necessary, from the Color Presets.
  5. Fill in the table with your desired values:
    1. Delete any text that isn't necessary
    2. Add or duplicate text boxes or images to your table

Adding a table into Poster Builder

If you are looking to create a table in Poster Builder, we recommend creating the table as an illustration first and then inserting it into your poster. This would allow you to make direct edits to your table from your poster.