BioRender Template vs My Templates

A BioRender template is a figure or illustration that has been created by our in-house illustration team to represent common biological pathways and processes.

A template is an illustration you’ve saved that serves as a starting point or a layout guide for other illustrations.

How to add a Template to an illustration

When adding a template to your illustration you have two options:

If you choose to add, your canvas size will remain unaffected. Select replace, it will automatically change the canvas size to that of the template.

Citations for BioRender Templates

Citations for figures adapted from BioRender templates

If you would like to publish a figure adapted from one of our BioRender templates, with modifications to original content and/or design, please cite the template as follows.

Citations for reusing BioRender templates as-is

If you would like to publish a BioRender template without any content or design modifications, please cite the template as follows:

Of course, you can adapt the citation to match your citation style.

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