Our team of specialized Science Illustrators look forward to collaborating with you on a custom icon! To create it as quickly as possible, we created this reference guide to help you fill out the request form. 

To create a custom icon, our team requires the following information:

  1. Icon Name
  2. Key Features
  3. Description
  4. Use case
  5. Reference images

If you’re requesting multiple icons, you’ll need to fill out one form for each. Not sure what’s considered a single icon? Continue reading below.

What is considered a single icon?

An icon is a singular, standalone image that represents a single object or idea. Any change in state or orientation (e.g. lateral vs. posterior view) is counted as a separate, unique icon.

Currently, BioRender only accepts icon and not figure requests. Not clear on the difference? Continue reading below.

What’s the difference between an icon and a figure?

While icons and figures may look similar, they can typically be differentiated as follows:

  • Icons represent a single object or idea.
  • Figures tell a story or depict relationships between individual components through labels, captions, and arrows. 

For example, many icons (e.g. MHC-I, TCR, dendritic cell, etc) come together to create this figure on the right:

If you don’t require new icons to complete your figure but are interested in 1:1 design support, you can reach out to our Creative Team ([email protected]). While this service is only guaranteed for users on our Industry plans, we can sometimes offer pointers or advice to guide you in the right direction. 

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