We have made several changes to our password system that will enhance your password strength and usability.

  • Increased Minimum Length: We are raising the minimum length of passwords from 8 characters to 12 characters. This change will fortify the strength of your password, making it more resistant to unauthorized access.

  • Expanded Character Support: In our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, we will now allow passwords to contain spaces and any Unicode characters. You can now personalize your password with greater flexibility.

  • Restricting Common Passwords: To further enhance security, we will deny passwords that appear in the list of the Top 10,000 commonly used passwords. This measure ensures your password is unique and less susceptible to hacking attempts.

  • Password Strength Meter: A password strength meter has been implemented to provide real-time feedback on the strength and complexity of your chosen password. This feature will guide you towards creating robust passwords that meet the required criteria.

  • Enhanced Visibility: We understand the importance of accuracy while typing passwords. Therefore, we are introducing the option for users to reveal their masked password as they type, ensuring precision and ease during the login process.

It's essential to note that these changes will exclusively apply to new users, and existing users with an account will not be affected. If you are an existing user, you can continue to sign in with your current password. If you would like to update your password with these parameters please request a password reset request by following the steps in this article.

We are dedicated to creating a secure environment for all our customers. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standards of password security.

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