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Using BioRender Slides (👑 Premium Only)
Using BioRender Slides (👑 Premium Only)

An overview of our Slides tool and how to use it for your presentations.

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The BioRender team is excited to announce the release of our latest feature: Slides. Frequently requested by members of the BioRender community, the ability to create a slide-based presentation right within BioRender is now a reality.

To get started with Slides, you'll need to sign in to your BioRender account and choose to create a new illustration.

Once you're in the Editor, you'll notice a new "Show Slides" button. Click it to expand the Slides panel.

With the Slides panel open, you'll now be able to add, title, and rearrange individual slides in your presentation. You can also use the backwards and forwards arrows to navigate between slides.

You can also duplicate and erase slides from within the Slides panel:

With the Slides panel open, you can also use the context menu (cmd+click on Mac, ctrl+click on Windows, "right click") to make adjustments to your slides.

By selecting "Present" you can view your slides in full-screen mode, and navigate between slides by either using the arrow keys on your computer's keyboard, or by clicking to advance by one slide per click. Hitting "escape" on your computer's keyboard will exit the full-screen view.

If you would like to export your slides to share as a PDF document with your colleagues, you can do so using the "Export" button in the top right of the interface.

You can identify which of your figures contain slides by looking for the "multi-canvas" icon in the project preview.

And that's it! You're now up and running with BioRender Slides. Look forward to further enhancements in future, including transitions and other industry-standard functionality.

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