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Licensing and usage of figures made in BioRender.

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Licensing and usage of figures made in BioRender

BioRender offers different plans with varying licensing and usage restrictions for the figures created on our platform. If you're using the Basic Free plan or you are on a 14-Day Free Trial, the figures you create can only be used for academic purposes such as unpublished grant applications, posters, educational presentations, or unpublished theses/dissertations. It's important to note that you cannot use these figures in published works such as journals, periodicals, or any commercial projects without an active paid subscription.


Please review our Basic License Terms found at:

https://www.biorender.com/basic-license for further information on permitted and prohibited uses.

If you’re looking to use your BioRender figures in published works or commercial projects, you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans (Academic or Industry). With our paid plans, you have the flexibility to use your figures for a wider range of purposes.


Please review our Academic License Terms found at: https://www.biorender.com/academic-license for further information on permitted and prohibited uses under an Academic plan.


Please review our Industry License Terms found at: https://www.biorender.com/industry-license for further information on permitted and prohibited uses under an Industry plan.

Here is a breakdown of where you can use your figures on our self-serve plans ⏬

License and Usage:


Use Case


Academic Individual License

Academic Lab License

Academic Institutional License

Publishing uses

Journal publication

Journal Cover

Published thesis

Not-for-profit website

Textbook figures, 5 or less

Textbook figures, greater than 5 figures, or less than and equal to 15

Textbook figures, more than 15

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Personal YouTube / social media (no profit)

Unpublished thesis

Conference poster (academic user)

Grant application

Academic Poster

Internal Meetings (lab or team)

Conference Presentation (Academic Audience)


Teaching Slides

Personal Blog Website posts (No profit)


Use Case


Industry Individual License

Industry Team License

Industry Enterprise License

Publishing uses

Unpublished thesis

Personal YouTube / social media

Conference Presentation

Journal publication

Published thesis

Journal cover

Textbook figures, 5 or less

Textbook figures, greater than 5 figures or less than or equal to 15 figures

Textbook figures, more than 15

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YouTube / social media channels that generate revenue

Marketing materials

Conference poster (industry)

Any commercial uses that generate profit

Trade show materials including brochures

Information Packets/User Guides that are associated with a product.


Company website

* The Watermark must be included in the exported figure with a Basic account

* A Premium plan (Academic or Industry) is recommended for all print users

* Completed Graphics included in any published or printed material, including websites and social media, containing BioRender Content as permitted hereunder must include the following credit adjacent to the Completed Graphics or in audio/visual production credits: “Created with BioRender.com”.

Additional Information:

Thesis and dissertations:

BioRender figures can be used in thesis and dissertations uploaded to university libraries or databases without upgrading. For publishing in journals or wider databases, an Academic license is required.

Non for profit textbook and chapters:

If you are seeking to publish 5 figures or less an Academic Monthly or Annual is required; Student and Postdoc Plans cannot be used for textbook publications.

If you are seeking to publish 5 or up to 15 figures, a Monthly or Annual Academic Lab plan or Industry Annual is required. The lab plan includes up to 15 figures/seat.

For-profit textbook and book chapters:

Industry Annual licensing is required if you are gaining any profit and are using your illustration in a textbook or book chapter. Please note the Monthly Industry plan cannot be used.

⚠️ Conditions for publication rights:

1. The figure was exported on a paid subscription

2 Citation of "Created with BioRender.com" anywhere in the publication.

As each use case can be unique and specific to your needs if you do not see your use case here, please contact our support team and we can direct you to the appropriate plan.

Next steps, check out these articles for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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