When you upgrade to BioRender Premium, you unlock features like publication rights, unlimited figures, high-resolution export, custom icon requests, and more. You can upgrade to Premium anytime from your Account page. 

Not sure which plan is right for you? Check out our pricing page or get in touch with support. We’ll be happy to help you out!  

To upgrade your account to BioRender Premium:

1. Click Upgrade Free from the green banner in your gallery. 

2. Choose your organization type (Academic or Industry), then select your plan type. 

3. Decide whether you’d like to try a Free trial or Start plan now.
Note: the publication license and custom icon requests are not included in the free trial, so if you need either feature, we recommend you choose Start plan now.

4. Select your billing cycle (monthly or annual) and click Continue to payment.

5. Enter your billing information and review your payment information. Click Start free trial or pay now (depending on which option you chose). 

Note: Our payment screen can sometimes hide the submit option if the screen isn't large enough.

​​If you enlarge your window size to make it full screen, the right side of the screen should expand and show you the submit option.

6. You’ll see a confirmation screen letting you know you’ve successfully upgraded. You can start using premium features right away!

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