You should not be blocked from creating stunning illustrations in BioRender. Follow the steps below to help get you back on track right away!

1. Switch to Google Chrome or update your current Google Chrome browser

BioRender is optimized for Google Chrome.

If you are using a different browser, try switching to Chrome and checking if the issue still persists.

You can download Google Chrome here.

2. Update your version of Google Chrome.

How to check your version of Chrome

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, look at More.

  3. Click Help > About Chrome.

If you’d like help updating Chrome, see this link.

3. Sign in using Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

If this works for you, try clearing your browser's cache so that you can use BioRender without having to use Incognito Mode.

For more information on clearing your browser cache, see here.

4. Try a VPN

If you’d like help looking into a VPN.

BioRender has no affiliation with any VPNs but we suggest finding a suitable one yourself, see this link.

5. Contact BioRender Support

If you’ve tried these suggestions and are still experiencing issues, please contact by using the messenger button (seen below)

Please include a screenshot of the Chrome console by pressing command+option+j on mac or ctrl+shift+j on windows and a detailed description of the issue with the last actions leading up to it.

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