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My illustration didn't save! Can I recover unsaved changes?
My illustration didn't save! Can I recover unsaved changes?
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While BioRender auto-saves your work every few seconds, there are some situations that might disrupt saving:

  1. Your tab, window, or browser was closed while the illustration was still saving.

  2. Your internet connection was lost or disrupted.

Check your internet connection

If you’re trying to manually save your illustration but get an error message, it might be due to your internet connection. Check your internet connection. If you’ve been disconnected, try resetting your router and modem to reconnect to the internet, then try saving again. 

If you’re not able to save your illustration, don’t worry! We’ve put measures in place to help you recover your work.

How to recover your illustration from version history

When BioRender auto-saves your work, it places versions into your Version History. You can recover previous versions of your illustration from this archive from both the Canvas and Gallery

From the canvas:

  1. Click File > Version History from the top menu. 

  2. Find the illustration you’d like to recover, then click Make a copy of this version. A copy will be added to your Gallery

From Your Gallery:

  1. Find the illustration you’re looking for, then click the three dots on the right-hand side. 

  2. Click Version History. Find the version and click Make a copy of this version

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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