In our continuing efforts to make BioRender more accessible for everyone, we are working toward compliance with WCAG 2.1 at the AA level. Some of the measures we have taken to improve accessibility include:

  • Providing accessibility training to our staff, meeting the Customer Service standard as outlined in the AODA.
  • Conducting continual reviews of our application for accessibility improvements.
  • Setting defined accessibility targets and responsibilities.
  • Implementing a long-term plan for accessibility compliance.
  • Appointing an accessibility champion on our product team.
    Offering customer support through email, online chat and via telephone.

If you would like support with accessibility, please call us at +1 844-970-3616 or contact us via email at

Our Customer Experience team is also available using the chat widget at the lower right of the screen, which has been developed with colour visibility best practices in mind.

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