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Groups: Frequently Asked Questions

Stefan Pintaric Stefan Pintaric

Does my content (files, folders, favourites & uploads) get unshared when I am removed from a group?

  • No, they are not automatically unshared. The content must be visited and unshared individually.

Is a group the same as a team?

  • Yes, with a few exceptions. Members will no longer be able to access content shared with the group when they are removed from the group. When added to the group, new members will get access to all content currently shared with the group.

Why can't I join a group?

  • If you have been invited to a group and can't view the group page when you login, it may be due the group admin sending the invite to the incorrect email address.


    In order to be added to a group, the group admin must send the invite to the email address linked to your BioRender account. Please ask the admin to re-invite you using the correct email address.

Does joining a group automatically share my files?

  • No. You must intentionally share your files, folders, uploads and favourites with the group.

My premium subscription is tied to my team. What will happen when the team is deleted?

  • Premium teams will automatically get a group for their team that replaces the sharing aspects.

Can I be in multiple groups at once?

  • Yes.

What will happen to our current shared content when the team I’m on is deleted?

  • All files and folders will remain shared with the individuals they are currently shared with. Uploads and favourites will be shared with the new groups, if the team is moving to a group.

I’ve been using folders to sort groups for different projects- what’s the simplest way to convert those into custom groups?

  • You can create a custom group in the groups tab and then share the folder with the group. Everything that gets dropped in the folder will be shared with the group.

Do the people I invite to my group need to have BioRender Premium access?

  • No.

Can anyone in the group invite new members?

  • Only users with a group-admin permission or an org-admin permission.

If part of a Premium organization, can I opt-out of being in my organization’s default group?

  • No.

Will inviting a new user via the admin panel for premium organizations, automatically add them to my default group?

  • Yes.

Can a group be created with Premium and Basic Free account holders?

  • Individuals with a Basic Free account can be added to groups and files can be shared with them, however, Basic Free accounts have a 5 illustration limit, so if you have a Basic Free account and you already have 5 illustrations on your account, you will not be able to access what has been shared.