Why can’t I edit an icon, shape or text in my illustration? Why can’t I edit an icon, shape or text in my illustration?

Why can’t I edit an icon, shape or text in my illustration?

Tawny Fontana Tawny Fontana

When you are unable to edit an icon, shape, or text on your canvas, it is often because the object has been locked or is part of a grouped object that is locked.

  • A locked image cannot be moved around the canvas when it is locked.
  • An unlocked image can be moved around anywhere on the canvas.
  • A grouped image is an image where specific elements of the icon can be removed and altered within the Icon.
  • An Icon that is not grouped will not be able to be altered or adapted. If the icon is not grouped you will not see a Grouped image icon next to the icon in the Gallery or on the canvas.

To determine if an object is locked, just click on it. If it's locked, you'll see a little lock symbol

at the bottom of the selection box icon. Before you can make changes to the object, you'll need to unlock it. If the icon is grouped, you will see additional options to ungroup and edit the individual parts.

To unlock an object:

  1. Click the object.
  2. You can either Click Unlock on the lock button under the object or from the top menubar.
  3. You can then move the icon to the desired location on the canvas.

To unlock all objects at once:
  1. Click Unlock All to unlock all of the objects on the canvas.
  2. You can then take any of the objects on the canvas and moves them to their desired location.

To ungroup a grouped object:

  1. Double-click on the grouped object.
  2. You can ungroup the Object by clicking on Edit Group Object
  3. Click on the below the icon:
  4. You can also Click Ungroup from the top menu.

Tried this and still experiencing issues? Please contact our support team at support@biorender.com.