What are BioRender templates? What are BioRender templates?

What are BioRender templates?

Stefan Pintaric Stefan Pintaric

BioRender templates are already made figures that give you a place to start and help you finish your figures faster!

How are templates created?

Templates are created in house by our amazing illustrating team! You can take a look at their work and background within the app by clicking on their names under the templates they have created in the Gallery.


Other members of the BioRender community can contribute to our template gallery by submitting their own templates. To submit your own templates, check out this article! To learn how to share a template with your team, see this article.

Whats the difference between a template and an illustration?

An illustration is any figure that you can create in BioRender to which you can make live changes.

A BioRender template is a figure or illustration that has been created by our in-house illustration team to represent common biological pathways and processes.

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