Congratulations on your upcoming publication! Cell Press has a license with BioRender that provides temporary Premium access to your BioRender account, so you can create and edit figures throughout the review process.

The Cell Press license is accessed through a specific portal. If you do not have a portal link, please message Support and provide your manuscript number for further assistance. After accessing the Cell Press license, you will receive an email confirming the allotted time. After the allotted time has lapsed, your account will be downgraded to BioRender Basic.

Please note: only authors of manuscripts within select Cell Press journals may be provided with access to this license.

How to access the Cell Press license with an existing BioRender account:

1. Log into your BioRender account using the portal link provided by your editor.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of your Profile, under Edit Profile & Settings, and locate Journal Settings.

3. Toggle “Use workspace with style guide restrictions for journals” on.

4. Input your manuscript number into the box below the toggle and click Add.

Here is a quick video showing where to find Journal Settings.

Please note: this video has no sound.

How to access the Cell Press license without an existing BioRender account:

Create an account using the link provided by your editor. This link will require you to input your manuscript number.