Do You Offer a Student Plan? Do You Offer a Student Plan?

Do You Offer a Student Plan?

Tawny Fontana Tawny Fontana

At BioRender, we recognize the role accessibility plays in empowering students and researchers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing a platform that caters to your needs. We will guide you through the options we offer for acquiring licenses and exploring pricing plans while emphasizing our commitment to delivering valuable support.

Lab License: If you're part of a lab and interested in acquiring a license, please contact to connect us with your PI or Lab Manager. We can facilitate a discussion so you don't have to pay out of pocket for BioRender premium features.

The 14-Day Free Trial: You can also experience our 14-day free trial. Explore the platform, experiment with features, and discover how it enhances your research and communication efforts. Take this opportunity to assess its value and fit within your workflow.

Tailored Support on Pricing: Our support team is ready to address your inquiries and help you explore pricing options. We understand your unique requirements and are committed to finding the plan that best suits your needs. Contact our support team, and we'll guide you through the process.