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Updating the Name of Your Lab (Admin Controls)
Updating the Name of Your Lab (Admin Controls)
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We've made it easy for administrators to update the Lab name associated with their Lab plan. Follow these simple steps to personalize your Lab information:

1. Navigate to Your Account Overview & Users:

  • Log in to your account and access the "Account Overview & Users" section.

2. Locate the "Edit Details" Option:

  • Once in the "Account Overview & Users," find and click on the "Edit details" option. Please see the image below:

3. Update Your Lab Name:

  • In the editing interface, locate the field where your Lab name is displayed.

  • Enter the desired name for your Lab.

4. Save Your Changes:

  • Don't forget to save your changes! Click the "Save" button after editing your Lab name and apply your new Lab name.

Your Lab name is now updated with the new name you've chosen. If you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, our support team is ready to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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