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Catch all the spelling errors in your work!

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Spelling errors in your work are tough to catch and can be embarrassing once you've already submitted your illustration or spent the time printing that poster. With spellcheck you can now make sure that your work will win the spelling bee!

How can I spellcheck my work?

  • BioRender will detect spelling errors and a red underline will appear under words that are detected as wrong

  • Right-click on a wrong word to see a list of suggestions, and click on a suggestion to automatically fix word

My word is spelt correctly but is being detected as wrong?

  • You can choose add/remove words to a personal dictionary and they will never be detected as wrong again by selecting "Add to personal dictionary"

    • You can select "Open personal dictionary" from the Spellcheck drop down in the toolbar or by right clicking a flagged word to see which words have been added to your dictionary and edit as needed

Don't want to use spellcheck?

You have the ability to disable/enable spellcheck as you wish by following clicking on "Spellcheck" from the top toolbar and selecting "Disable Spellcheck" or "Enable Spellcheck."

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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