How do I use connector lines?

Easily create and edit pathways, flowcharts, and diagrams by connecting lines to icons, shapes, or text on your canvas.

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Creating Connector Lines

  1. Click the Insert Line option in the toolbar

  2. Select the line style you want. Note: circular and bracket lines cannot be used to connect objects.

  3. Hover over the object you want to start the line from. A line will be connected to an object when you see this icon show up beside your cursor.

    4. Click and drag from the point you want to start the line from. Drag the end of the line to another object. Note: you cannot connect to another line.

You can turn an existing line into a connector line by dragging the end points of the line to objects you want to connect to!

Editing Connected Lines

You can adjust the look of a connector line in the toolbar just like any other line.

Change the shape of the connector line by selecting the line you want to edit and choosing a different shape under the “Line Type” option in the toolbar.

You can customize the shape of a connector line by moving around the nodes on the line. Select a connector line and click on a white dot on the line to add new nodes. Drag the nodes around to change the shape of the line.

Edit the placement of your connector lines by dragging the end points to your desired location and finetune the placement by using the “Padding” slider under the Tail and Head options in the toolbar


  1. How can I prevent an object from being connected to?

    You can prevent an object from being connected to by locking the object. You can stop the end of a line from automatically connecting to nearby objects by holding SHIFT while you drag the endpoint.

  2. How can I connect a line to a group?

    Connector lines connect to individual objects. If you have 4 circles in a group, you will be able to connect to each individual circle. If you need to connect to the larger group, you can workaround this by applying a crop to the group without cropping out any portion. Connector lines will apply to a cropped group.

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