Note: Seat is defined as a unique user with unique login credentials who has sole access to an account.

Group/Lab licenses are attached to teams instead of users. Group licenses begin at 5 seats. The subscription offers the following features and benefits:

  • Unlimited illustrations

  • High-resolution export (png, jpg, pdf)

  • Transparent background with no watermark

  • Permission to publish in journals

  • Custom icon requests

  • Consolidated billing

  • Share and collaborate with teammates

The 5 Seat Lab License costs $1188USD/year or $129USD/month. Additional seats are $20USD/month.

When you purchase the lab subscription for your team, those in the team have access to the license and premium features. You can change who is in your team at any point should you be an admin, or owner of said team.

The subscription, as seen below, is attached to the team itself.

For more information on how to manage your team, see this article.

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