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Understanding your BioRender publication license.
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What is BioRender Content?

BioRender content includes the digital illustrations, images (whether in two dimensional or three-dimensional form), figures, templates, icons, drawings and any other pictorials, graphics or accompanying information provided to users of BioRenderā€™s platform by BioRender or its licensors.

How is BioRender Content used?

BioRender provides a robust platform to use and employ BioRender content, combined with content our users develop on their own or license from a third-party, to create final illustrations, images, figures, drawings and graphics (or completed graphics).

Can I publish BioRender Content?

Yes. BioRenderā€™s Academic License Terms and Industry License Terms permits users to sublicense completed graphics containing BioRender content to publishers for use in journal publications.

Are there any restrictions applicable to BioRenderā€™s content license?

Yes. The restrictions (or prohibited uses) set out in BioRenderā€™s content licenses apply to the licensee and sub-licensee (including publishers) of BioRender content.

For example, BioRender content cannot be downloaded or subsequently sold on a standalone basis, used in design template applications intended for resale, used in a manner that competes with BioRenderā€™s business or included in any published or printed material without appropriate credit.

Can BioRender content still be used after the BioRender Plan terminates?

Yes. Any content that is exported after a plan terminates can only be used in accordance with our Basic License Terms. However, BioRender content that was exported for use in a publication while a premium plan is active can be used in the relevant publication after the plan terminates and Completed Graphics containing BioRender content may be cropped, reshaped or resized for such purpose.

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