Test your science trivia skills with BioRender's Egg Hunt! Can you find all 3?
(Winners get our science-themed swag pack!)

Egg Hunt GIF

Start the Egg Hunt!

Here's how to play:

Our illustrators hid 3 eggs in the BioRender icon library. The only way to find them is to answer our 3 science trivia questions. Are you ready?

  1. Open the BioRender Egg Hunt Template and answer the 3 trivia questions
  2. Enter your answers into the icon search bar to reveal the hidden eggs
  3. Drag and drop all 3 eggs into your basket and decorate your canvas :)
  4. Share your masterpiece with us on Twitter using #ScienceEggHunt and @BioRender for a chance to win science-themed swag!

Psst: We'll be posting bonus hints throughout the week on our Twitter page.

Lucky winners will be chosen by random draw on Monday, April 5 at 11:59 PM EST.

BioRender Swag

Good luck and happy illustrating!

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