When you are creating a BioRender illustration, the canvas size plays an important role in both design and export.

Adjusting your Canvas during Illustration


There are three factors which influence your canvas. Ratio (relationship of Width W and height H), unit of measurement (in and cm), and zoom (20%-500%).

You can adjust your canvas size during illustration like so:

You can also lock the aspect ratio so that you can adjust your canvas without affecting it's ratio by editing only W or H:

Inches vs Centimeters

When illustrating, you can choose between using inches and centimeters for your illustration. The unit you choose for your illustration is purely preferential and neither has anymore impact than the other.

If you switch from cm to inches or vice versa, the units will convert whilst maintaining the current canvas size. For example:

If you attempt to adjust the canvas outside the min max values, the canvas will reset to it's previous ratio and size.

Adding Template

When adding a template to your illustration you have two options:

If you choose add, your canvas size will remain unaffected. Select replace, it will automatically change the canvas size to that of the template.


Zoom has no effect on the size of your canvas, but is merely a tool to observe and edit your illustration. You can use zoom to see what your poster will look like from afar, or to edit a very small icon that is impossible to grab. You can use the reset X button at any time to fit your canvas to your drawing board.

If you are using a touchpad, you may also all for zoom by spreading or pinching your two fingers simultaneously.

Please note that using ctrl+(+) and ctrl+(-) or commands will zoom your browser window and not your drawing board and will impact the user interface of BioRender.

Exporting an Image

When exporting an illustration, the ratio is locked but you are able to adjust the size of the export. If you adjust either W or H the other will adjust accordingly.

Export also has an additional size option compared to illustration; pixels.

Choosing outside of the minimum and maximum values will stop you from exporting. Just like inches and centimeters, pixels have a minimum and maximum value.

If you are choosing to export with the JPG or PDF format, we recommend increasing the dimensions to their limit for maximum quality. Smaller dimension exports in these formats can result in blurry, low quality images.

Export at 1.43 inches W and 1 inch H export at 150DPI

Export at 10 inches W and 7 inch H export at 150DPI

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