The crop tool can be used to cut off or remove a part of your icon or shape (note: this action is reversible).

Tip: use crop to emphasize a particular object, such as a macro-to-micro scale change, or simply to remove part of an object you don’t need.

In BioRender, you can crop an object to either a circle or a square shape, and both individual and grouped icons can be cropped.

To crop:

  1. Click on the object you’d like to crop.

  2. Click crop from the top menu. A square bounding box will appear around the object.

  3. Use the square green guides around the edges of the crop window to adjust the crop size.

  4. Press Enter or Apply Crop. If you change your mind, you can also click Cancel crop.

Circle crop

By default, your crop will be set to a square. To change the shape of your crop:

  1. Click on the object you’d like to crop.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow beside Crop, then click the circle.

  3. Adjust the crop size by dragging the green bounding box.

  4. Press Enter to crop.

Resetting a cropped object to its original size

If you decide you’d like to undo a crop:

  1. Select the cropped object.

  2. Click Reset Crop.

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