At BioRender, we believe visuals are essential for enabling fast, effective science communication, and making scientific templates freely available to everyone is critical for empowering scientists to share their work.

Figures submitted to our Graphical Abstract Contest may be added to our Community Gallery for other scientists to use and edit for their own research. All entries are thoroughly reviewed by our team of Science Illustrators for visual clarity and scientific rigor. When your entry is hand-picked for inclusion in our gallery, it speaks to your strength as a science communicator.

This FAQ is intended to answer any questions you have about the community gallery. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out using the blue chat button in the bottom right.

Will every entry from the 2020 Graphical Abstract Contest be published as a publicly available template in BioRender?

While we'd love to include all of the beautiful, creative entries, our small team prioritizes templates that meet the following criteria:

  1. The scientific concept portrayed is not yet visualized in our template library.
  2. We’ve received a high volume of requests for the template from our community.
  3. We’re able to verify the scientific accuracy of the submission.

What if I’m planning to publish my figure?

If you noted in the application process that you were planning to publish, we'll wait until we get the go-ahead from you before adding it to our public gallery.

What edits will BioRender make to the figure?

Before publishing any icon or template to our library, our team conducts a deep scientific and visual design review. While we must make edits to meet our design and usability standards, we’ll do our best to maintain your artistic flair and visual style.

Who can use the figure?

If your figure is added to the public gallery, it can be accessed by any BioRender user. If it isn’t added to our public library, but is still published in our contest gallery, individuals will be able to request a direct copy from you. In that case, only people you choose to share it with will be able to use the figure.

Will I receive credit?

Absolutely! Every template will receive a direct credit to the author. All BioRender users will be required to properly cite you if and when they use your figure for their own work.

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