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Add and Edit Shapes in Your Illustration
Add and Edit Shapes in Your Illustration

Adding basic shapes to your canvas

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In the realm of scientific illustration, precision and clarity play pivotal roles in conveying complex information effectively. One powerful tool at your disposal is the strategic use of shapes. Adding and editing shapes to your canvas is easy with BioRender.

Adding Shapes to the canvas

  1. Select the Insert Shape option from the top menu and look through the various options available.

  2. Once you find the one you want, click on it and then insert the shape on the canvas by clicking on a spot and dragging it to your preferred size.

Editing Shapes

You can personalize shapes by adjusting their color, text, or size.

The left-side properties panel has many options that will appear once you select your shape.

Please note: Some features such as color gradients are available for Premium users only 👑

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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