BioRender Icons: A tool for Science Visualization

Our goal is to provide tools and resources that enable scientists to create and share beautiful, professional, and standardized scientific figures. Our icon request service helps us understand the needs of the global scientific community, and therefore create icons that are relevant, useful, and high impact. 

In order to prioritize this goal, we may ask you to use another service or image source to obtain your icon. Icons are most often rejected for the following reasons: 

  • It’s not specific to the life sciences
  • The style requested is not scientifically accurate (e.g. exaggerated features, too cartoony or schematized, etc.)
  • The request isn’t reproducible in the BioRender style (e.g. too complex or difficult to make into a ‘vector’ style)
  • It’s too custom to be of value for the broader community (e.g. a custom experimental set-up)
  • It’s over the icon request limit for your plan type

If your icon is rejected, there are two possible options:

  1. You can resubmit the request with modifications, such that it meets the needs of the larger scientific community. 
  2. You can find and upload an open-source image directly to your personal library. 

Open-source images

If you choose to use an open-source image, these steps may help you find an appropriate option, which you can upload to your personal BioRender gallery.

  1. Search Google images for the desired image 
  2. Just below the search bar, click Tools > then Usage Rights and select Label for Reuse. (Learn more about Google’s usage rights here).

   3. Choose an image that works best for you.
   4. Copy-paste the desired image into your BioRender figure. This will automatically add the image to your canvas as well as to your personal uploads library.

   5. You can re-use this icon across all of your illustrations!

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