If you open BioRender and see an orange screen, there are a few reasons why this may be happening. 

  1. Your browser window is too narrow.

To use BioRender, your browser window must be at least 768 pixels wide. If your window is narrower than that, or you’re on a tablet or mobile device, an orange screen will appear and prevent you from using BioRender.

To remove the screen, increase the width of your browser window (by clicking and dragging one of the corners of the window).

    2. Your browser is zoomed in too far.

While zooming in makes it easier to read text or see small image, it effectively "stretches" the pixels on your screen. This means that if you zoom in too far, it can trick BioRender into thinking your browser window is too narrow. 

To use BioRender, make sure you don’t exceed the following maximum zoom for the following standard screen sizes:

  • 13-inch screen: 150% max

  • 15-inch screen: 175% max

  • 21-inch screen: 200% max

To remove the orange screen, reduce your zoom either by pressing command + minus sign (control + minus for PC).

   3. You are using an internet browser other than Chrome or Safari.

BioRender is optimized for use in Chrome and Safari. If you’re using a different browser (like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge), the orange banner at the bottom of the screen will remind you that you may experience issues in that browser. Note that this banner won’t prevent you from using BioRender. 


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