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Why am I having trouble copying and pasting in BioRender?
Why am I having trouble copying and pasting in BioRender?
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If you’re having trouble copying and pasting within a BioRender illustration or from an external program, it may be one of the following. 

1. You’re using the browser’s copy-paste functions.

Your browser’s Cut, Copy, and Paste commands won’t work for objects in BioRender. You can cut, copy, and paste in BioRender from the top toolbar or using keyboard shortcuts. 

To copy-paste in BioRender:
   A. Click on an object. From the top toolbar, click Edit > Copy or ctrl+c.
   B. Click Paste or ctrl+v to drop the copied icon on your canvas.

2. Your computer is having problems with its clipboard.

If you’re using BioRender’s native copy-paste functions, it might be an issue with your computer’s clipboard. To test this, try copying and pasting something outside of BioRender (like a file on your desktop or an object in PowerPoint). 

If you’re not able to copy-paste on your computer, you may be experiencing a problem with your computer's clipboard (unrelated to BioRender). 

If you have any questions or concerns:

Open our chat messenger (bottom-right of any BioRender web page).

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