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How do I export my image? (Single Image Export)
How do I export my image? (Single Image Export)
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You can export your image easily from the canvas to use in PowerPoint presentations, posters, and more.

  1. Click Export from the top-right corner.

2. Select your file type and resolution. Note that not all options are available on BioRender Basic (the free plan). 

3. Click Export. The image file will download to your default Downloads folder on your local drive.

Note that some export formats are only available on premium plans. 

BioRender Basic (our free plan)

  • PNG

  • JPG

  • 72 Dpi resolution

BioRender Premium

  • 72, 150, 300 and 600* DPi resolution

  • PNG (with optional transparent background)

  • PDF (with optional vector text)

  • JPG

*600 DPI only available for illustrations, not posters

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