Depending on what plan type you have, there are different limitations to where you can publish your BioRender figures. For quick reference, check out the Licensing and Usage table at the bottom of this article. 

BioRender Basic (our free plan)

Users on the free plan can use their illustrations for educational purposes, such as class presentations, teaching slides, or academic posters. You cannot publish BioRender illustrations in textbooks or journals, or use BioRender figures for commercial purposes (i.e. to generate profit).

Users on our paid academic plans can publish BioRender figures in journals and textbooks, and also use figures for educational purposes. This includes conference talks, lectures, academic websites, and lab websites. 

Industry users can use BioRender illustrations in the same places as free and academic users. They are also able to publish their figures on company websites and promotional material, such as trade show brochures, pamphlets, and instructional guides.

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